Tin Man Puppet

The award-winning classic, musical film, Wizard of Oz was released on 25th August, 1939. The Tin Man was one of the main characters.

You will create your own Tin Man puppet who can make some moves!

Materials you will use from this box:

  • Mirror-effect paper
  • Design template for Tin Man’s body parts
  • Paper fasteners (to attach the body parts together)
  • Wooden stick
  • Permanent marker
  • Scissors

You will need to bring your own:

  • Tape (to attach the wooden stick to the puppet)
  • Push Pin (to create the holes for the paper fasteners)


  1. Glue the template to the back of the silver card stock paper.
  2. Cut out the different parts of the Tin Man’s body.
  3. Using the permanent marker, draw his face and other details on his body as shown in the photo above.
  4. Using a push pin, make a little hole where the indicated black dots are. Make sure an adult helps you with this step.
  5. Assemble the parts of the body together by matching the numbers in red and attaching them with the paper fastener
  6. Glue the axe to Tin Man’s hand, and the funnel to his head
  7. To make him easily move or stand upright, using tape, stick the wooden stick in the back. You can prop the stick into a piece of plasticine (not provided) to put him on display!
Step no. 2
Step no. 7
Tin Man Puppet Tutorial

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