A Fort made out of Paper

To continue our celebration for the Omani National Day, we are featuring the Al Jalali Fort, also called Ash Sharqiya Fort, that is located in the harbor of Old Muscat, Oman. 

Old Muscat is a natural port in a strategic location between the Arabian Gulf and the Indian Ocean. It was built by its Portugese captors, by Philip I of Portugal in the 1580s to protect the harbor.

This is why the Al Jalali Fort was built on the east-side of the Muscat harbor, facing Fort Al-Mirani that was built on the west side.

Omani forces eventually captured Muscat from the Portugese in 1650.

Photo from KLM

In this project, you will build a paper fort using the materials provided to you in your Art Kit.

The templates provided to you will help you to create the fort. You can also add details on the fort and its surroundings as you please.

Cut the shapes of the towers, walls, gate and fort wall openings from the templates provided in your Art Kit.
Stick the gate and fort wall openings (in dark brown color) onto the fort walls.
Assemble the parts of the fort together.
Stick the green paper onto the blue foam board to create an island for the fort to stand on.
Create a bridge (template not included in Art Kit) to connect the fort to another land.
Add other features such as trees using the plasticine that is provided in your Art Kit.

Materials you will use from your Art Kit:

  • Colored cardstock paper in A4 size (beige & orange 1pc Foam board, blue color, 29x29cm
  • A4 size green color paper (1 no.)
  • Scissors
  • UHU All purpose adhesive glue (Twist & Glue)
  • A4 size Templates with outlines of fort towers and walls printed (3 pages) on light brown color paper
  • A4 size Template with outlines of gate and fort wall openings (1 page) on Dark brown color paper


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