Omani Woman in Traditional Dress

We are celebrating the Omani National Day on the 18th of this month! This date is the independence day of the Sultanate of Oman from Portugal’s control in 1650.

The national dress for Omani women is usually very colorful, and includes a dress that is worn over trousers (called sirwal) and a headscarf (called lihaf).

In this project, you are provided with a template printed on watercolor paper in which you will paint the Omani woman with the most vibrant color palette you choose. 

We encourage you to try mixing colors to get different colors than what are on your watercolor palette. 

The woman is standing in front of an old, traditional-looking door. 

You will also decorate her outfit using the little pieces of mosaics that are provided in your Art Kit.

You may use the printed color guide provided in your Art Kit.

Printed color guide
Use watercolor paints to complete the Omani Woman wearing a traditional dress

Materials you will use from this box:

  • A4 size Watercolor paper with template outline printed on it
  • Watercolor set
  • 2no.s Round-tip paint brushes
  • Mini Mosaic tiles
  • UHU Twist & Glue
  • A4 size Colored print of Omani Woman in Traditional Dress

Published by Farah Nasrawi

A multi-hyphenate designer, an artist, a teacher